When it comes to building a responsive website, there is more to it than how it looks or how easy it is for the user to navigate. If it takes the content a long time to load, your users may face frustration and may even leave your website. That is why website performance matters.

One of the factors that affect website performance is the geographical difference between the Server website and the Users who access it. Cloudvanti infrastructure uses Content Delivery Network(CDN) to eliminate the problem of geographical differences.

What is CDN?

A CDN is essentially a network of geographically dispersed servers. Through CDN, it facilitates the transmission of content to the users more efficiently by storing copies at intermediate locations on temporary basis. This is known as caching, and the server location in which they are stored are referred to as Edge Server.


With the CDN employed, the user accesses the content of a website via the nearest Edge Server rather than relying on direct access to the Main Server. What this essentially does is reducing the connectivity latency which helps the website to load faster. Not to mention, it also prevents crashes due to increased traffic to the website as the CDN helps to distribute the bandwidth across multiple servers instead of overloading one server.


Cloudvanti CDN Infrastructure

Cloudvanti incorporates Fastly with Microsoft Azure as its CDN. Upon having a subscription with us, you will immediately be provided with the Integrated Azure Resources. Here, you will be able to customize your CDN setup according to your needs for your Content Management System (CMS).

Fastly has the built-in feature of Web Application Firewall (WAF) and DDoS that helps to protect web applications by filtering and monitoring HTTP traffic between the application and the Internet. It typically protects them from attacks such as cross-site forgerycross-site-scripting (XSS), file inclusionSQL injection, and denial-of-service, among other forms of attack.

This integration also includes centralized logging from Azure DevOps and Fastly stored in Azure Log Analytics, and can be accessed with your Microsoft Azure account. You can refer to the below for more details regarding Centralized Log and Single Sign-On.


Self Setup the CDN Configuration

In summary, Cloudvanti has your websites configured to Fastly by default. You can change the settings at any time. Other configurations that you can customize are the modifying of DNS records, IP Whitelisting as well as changing the name of your server domain. You can view the documentation setup here or contact us for additional assistance.