Retrieving and looking into logs are a vital part of application debugging and troubleshooting. Having all your logs organized and easy to retrieve greatly help you to quickly find the cause of the issue of an application.

Centralized Logs

For ease of application debugging, Cloudvanti provides log analytics for every customer. This log analytics will have log data from Fastly CDN and Azure Application Insight which gather all logs of all the customer's Azure resources. In the Cloudvanti environment, we also have Central Log Analytics that keeps all Customer Log Analytics.

For how to use log analytics please read Log Analytics Article

What is Central Log Analytic?

Central Log Analytic is a log analytics workspace created by Cloudvanti to monitor all customer log. All customer log analytics is also having a copy in central logs analytic. This feature will help users when they need help from our support team to check their log, so our tech support doesn't need to go inside your environment. Customers can also request Cloudvanti support to help search and retrieve logs from log analytics.

How to monitor it?

Logs from Customer resource group need to be available into the customer and central log analytic workspace. There will be two source logs that need to be handled.

The first is from Storage Account:

  1. Logs from CDN, Application, and server stored as a file in Customer Azure Blob Storage.
  2. When the file is created, it will trigger the Storage Log Runbook process.
  3. The runbook will send the logs to Customer Log Analytics and Cloudvanti central log analytics
  4. The runbook also will create a copy of the file in Cloudvanti central Storage Account.

The second is from Azure Application Insight

  1. Logs from Customer Application Insight will be gathered by AppInsight Log Runbook every 30 minutes.
  2. Logs in application insight such as trace, exception, and request will also be gathered by AppInsight Log Runbook.
  3. The runbook will send the logs to Customer Log Analytics and Cloudvanti Central Log Analytics.

This is an example of customer log analytics. Please note that some logs take about 5-10 minutes before appearing in the log analytic workspace.