Digital passwords and credentials are important security measures to ensuring that your personal or sensitive information are well guarded. But managing them can prove to be a difficult task when you have to remember multiple login details.

Imagine having to remember passwords of 5 or more accounts over different applications. Not to mention the increased security criteria in the creation of the password itself e.g. includes upper case, lower case, symbols, numbers, etc.

Accessing the many services provided by Cloudvanti such as Sitefinity, Azure DevOps, etc. requires credentials and we can imagine how hectic it would be to remember them all.

This is where the Microsoft Authenticator app comes in handy - as an all-in-one login manager that is both convenient and secure.

Single Sign-On (SSO) for Cloudvanti

You can easily access the many services housed in Cloudvanti with the Single Sign-On (SSO) method. All that is needed is a Microsoft Azure account to manage all of your logins and credentials. Rest assured that Cloudvanti does not store any of your password or login details.

If your organization or company has been using Azure Active Directory, it will also be integrated with your subscription to Cloudvanti.

What About A Password Manager?

The vulnerability of having a password manager lies in the use of a master password. Despite only needing one password, it is still a repository of your other passwords. Should that information be compromised due to phishing or cyberattacks, it would give the culprit unwarranted access to all of your logins and credentials of your account and websites online. That means they have access to your private and confidential details which could lead to irreversible damage.

That is how SSO can circumvene the security vulnerability of a password manager

With the SSO, you only need to logout from one account which in turn logs out from all applications. By maintaining only one password you can regularly change your password which in turn keeps your other accounts protected.