For most Website Hosting Platform, much of the resource is managed by the hosting provider. When you're trying to do common tasks such as getting logs or troubleshooting since you need to ask the provider to do these tasks for you. This could cause some troubles like miscommunication or delay and it is much better for you to do these yourself. In Cloudvanti we implemented the Native Cloud Access principal.

Native Cloud Access

Native Cloud Access means Cloudvanti will give you direct access to see your cloud resources inside the Azure Portal. The main purpose of giving the customer cloud-native access is transparency and providing self-service for monitoring metric your web and resources web, tracing the log from all your resources. Cloud-native access will simplify and reduces the time need for doing cloud-related tasks since the customer would not need to contact Cloudvanti support. Here the resources that you can see by yourself.

Application Insights

Monitor and see real-time the utilization of your system resources provided by Azure App Insight from your Azure DevOps Portal Dashboard.

Without application insights, when you are debugging an application usually you would go inside the server, take the logs and look through the logs for errors and problems. Application insights greatly simplify this process by making all logs available in the portal. Simply select the app, and make a query of what kind of log/error you are looking for. For more information about the Azure Application Insights, please refer to this link.

Log Analytics

Get all the important logs from your application with Azure Log Analytics. The Azure Log Analytics will keep logs from the CDN, Azure Resources, and from inside your application, and you will be able to make queries using KQL for ease of retrieving logs. To learn more about Log Analytics please refer to this link.

Azure Blob Storage for Database Backups

We will provide you with an Azure Blob Storage that you can upload database backups to. Database backups that are generated by Cloudvanti would also appear here and can be downloaded. To learn more about Azure Blob Storage, please refer to this link.

Kudu App Service Tools

The Kudu App Service Tools will give you full control over your Azure App Service. Inside Kudu, you will be able to run commands for your App Service and drag and drop files inside your App Service.

Kudu is often used for App Service troubleshooting and testing connection from inside the App Services. Having to do this by yourself makes it a lot easier saves a lot of time compared to raising a service ticket. To learn more about Kudu, please refer to this link.

Azure DevOps CI/CD Pipelines

Cloudvanti will provide you with an Azure DevOps dashboard with CI/CD already configured. The CI process will automatically build codes when there's a commit but can also be triggered manually. The same goes for the CD process, it is automatically run but you will still have control over it.

Fastly CDN

Cloudvanti uses Fastly CDN for content delivery, you can access directly to Fastly CDN Dashboard. As a default, we already configure the normal CDN setting but if you want to improve your website cache based on your business meet, you can configure the setting by yourself.