Taking Control of Your Website

You spend days perfecting your website. The last thing you want is to lose control when your website contractor went bust. When situations like this happen, it incapacitates the business.

You have no options to update both contents and perform security updates to the system.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment Pipeline

Cloudvanti gives you full control of your website by providing you with a Continous Integration / Continuous Deployment pipeline. This ensures that all the codes of your websites are kept with you in your source code repository (GIT).

You have full control of all source codes.

Team of CMS/ Security Experts

To top it off, we have a team of CMS /Security experts that can help you iron out any issues you have with your CMS.

Should you require any assistance to your systems, you know you can always leverage our professional services team to be of assistance.

Keeping your website safe is keeping your users safe

Employing incompatible security solutions not only cost you millions of dollars but could potentially cause irreversible damages to your business.

You are only as secure as the last attempted hacking.

Security is Important

  • The connection between the user and your website could be compromised at any time if you leave any of your resources unprotected. Have you addressed all of the potential vulnerabilities of your website?
  • Vulnerabilities where intrusion can happen range at any point from a compromised machine of the user or their ISP to your website.

Nothing happened to my website

Hackers attack discretely. You might be under a false sense of security until it is too late.

"Hackers broke into Nortel's computer networks and for nearly 10 years, downloaded proprietary technical papers, research-and-development reports, business plans, employee emails and other important documents."

Nortel's attack went unnoticed for almost 10 years.

A Security Breach is Costly.

There are financial costs associated with a security breach.

  1. Getting your site back online
  2. Lost income
  3. Hackers hold your valuable data ransom

There are other more irreversible damages that cannot be easily resolved just by spending more.

  1. Reputational and credibility costs
  2. Blacklisted by Google
  3. Loss of customer confidence

Cloudvanti Secured Infrastructure

Cloudvanti comes packaged with our security solutions that work for Singapore Government's 700 plus websites.

  1. Network Security
    1. Rapid Protection against website application vulnerabilities, DDoS and botnet attacks
    2. Enforced security rules at the edge with real-time insights
  2. Security Operations
    1. Defacement Monitoring of Websites
    2. Security Monitoring of suspicious activities, i.e. failed logins, website updates.

Security is Big Business.

White hat hackers earned over $19 million in bounties in 2018.

Cloudvanti, as Singapore Government platform for its 700 plus websites, participated in the Singapore Government's bug bounty programmes in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Learn from us on what can keep your website safe. With a small investment, you can have what kept our Singapore government's websites safe.

Why You Should Care About Website Performance

Performance is about Website Success.

Believe it or not, website performance plays a huge role in the sucess of your online venture.

Consider the following:

  1. Pinterest increased sign-ups by 15 percent when they reduced their wait times on their site by 40 percent
  2. Owners of sites earned up to twice as much ad revenue when their sites load within 19 seconds, DoubleClick by Google said.

With so much at stake, let's take website performance seriously.

We all want our websites to do more, retain more users and improve our conversions. We know we can do that if we improve user experience.

When your successful marketing campaigns draw more users to your websites, the last thing you want is to for them to wait for your site to load.

Here's a simple tool to get a rough idea of how your site is performing.

Check out the Speedtool

If you are not happy with what you see, you might want to give us a call.