Cloudvanti Sitecore comes with 2 environments, Staging and Production. Both have been integrated with Cloudvanti's CI/CD process to help ease the deployment process. The way deployments work with these 2 environments is that you first deploy your site to the Staging environment for testing and have it verify the results before continuing to the Production environment once it has been approved.

In Staging environment only has 1 standalone website for testing and in the Production, the environment has CM (Content Management) and CD(Content Delivery) website.

Deployment in Cloudvanti


CloudVanti uses CI/CD processes to ensure a reliable deployment procedure for your application.

CI/CD Pipeline

In Sitecore Cloudvanti we provide Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline as the main option for deploying the website. Only source code is supported with CI/CD because in Sitecore to update the content in Sitecore we use Install-Package Feature from Sitecore. The server that is provided with CI/CD pipeline are:

  • Staging website
  • Production CM website
  • Production CD website

For another server can see it here.

The CI/CD is integrated with the Master branch. To start the deployment process, the user can commit and push to the Master branch and the deployment process will start automatically. Here is a diagram for the full workflow of the source code pipeline process:


The Staging website used as a testing website before the code changes appear on the Production website

Deployment Slot


In Cloudvanti Sitecore we utilize Azure App Service Deployment Slots for production CM and production CD. Slot V1 is the current live website and Slot V2 is the current website with new code(s). When you deploy your code, it will be deployed into this Slot V2. And when it's ready, it will be swapped with Slot V1 (live server). So the live website won't be down because of deployment.

List of Pipelines

For the CI Pipeline, Cloudvanti Sitecore provides one Pipeline to build the source code with the name <subscription_name>.CI. For more information please check this Sitecore CI Pipeline Article.

Pipeline Name



Used to build the source code to artifact

This is the list for CD pipelines in Cloudvanti Sitecore, for more information please check this Sitecore CD Pipeline Article.

Pipeline Name



Used to deploy the Codes to Staging and Production