Cloudvanti Sitefinity Management Portal

Cloudvanti subscribers have access to their Sitefinity Management Portal built with Azure DevOps to manage and monitor their project key deployment status, and other management activities. For first-time access, you will be given a link to the Management Portal via an invitation email.

Alternatively, you can also access it via Azure's Main Portal.

Cloudvanti Sitefinity Management Portal consists of three (3) main menus:

  1. Overview
  2. Repos
  3. Pipelines



The Overview menu displays the summary of your projects as well as information about the websites on the Cloudvanti Sitefinity Management Portal.

In addition, there is the wiki consisting of shortcut links, as follows:


Repos or Azure Repository is a place for storing the project code or database script. Cloudvanti Sitefinity provides two (2) repositories for every couple of source code and database, as follows:

You can clone the repository to this 'Content' page. You can also view the history of Commits and Push.

For more details, click Setting Up Your Project.


Pipeline is where Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) are managed. For more details on the CI/CD Concept, click CI/CD Sitefinity Concept.

The Pipelines (left side menu) is where you will be able to view the status of building process for the CI.

The Releases (left side menu) is where you can view the deployment process and status.

For more details regarding Azure DevOps, you can refer to the Azure DevOps documentation.